Laundry Room Design

Probably one of the most neglected of any home is the laundry room . However, this place where we try cleaning and laundry care and whites need not be alien to the aesthetic harmony of the rest of the house, much less to the organization.

This is why today we bring you some tricks to keep your laundry always tidy and beautiful with these tips for the laundry room design .

Use either the space

Whether you have a hidden corner of the house to locate the dryer, washing machine and clothes tanks, or you enjoy a large space in a basement or a room specially created for this function, so you should keep in mind is to use the most of every inch you have.

If you have a washing machine with front opening, you can take the free space on it, and install storage shelves for towels and others.

Saves ironing board hanging behind a door or a space.

If you do not have an area designed for hanging clothes and live in a small house or an apartment, you like me, used a rod connecting wall to wall and is located near the ceiling. Here you can locate your clothes without any problem using a few hangers.

Occult supplies

Do not let the cleaning and related products detract from the vision of your laundry. For this, you can use wicker baskets or plastic bins to store all the necessary items.

If you have ample room, you can implement an island compartmented to receive larger baskets, in which you can distribute and freshly washed laundry.

Use a soft color palette

These colors will give any room an atmosphere of calm and organization. You can choose a moss green and shades Cabinet sand tables or walls.

Camouflage your laundry

If you do not have a laundry, but you have your washing machine included in another room, you have the option of resorting to the use of screens, folding doors or curtains to separate from the rest of the room.

Do not forget to add a personal touch to your laundry, decorating with your own style without neglecting proper ventilation and lighting.